Opinion: Stop all the talking, what we need right now is rent relief!

- March 25, 2020 < 1 MIN READ

Up until a few weeks ago we had a successful small family business, a healthy turnover, high profitability, paying our taxes, supporting our local community and the great country of Australia, paying contractors that we worked with on a weekly basis, generating income and providing for ourselves, supporting other small business’s who are reliant on the income generated from our business, also generating income for all the service sectors we were directly linked to.

Why now in our darkest hour of need are we abandoned, we collect a lot of GST money per quarter, we pay our annual tax and yet by all intents and purposes it is fine to leave us to go to the wall. How can we pay our outgoings without a income, it is impossible?

The only way SMALL BUSINESS can survive now is businesses who have to pay crazy monthly rents, need rent Relief. No stimulus package at this time will save them. Allowing business to receive payments to meet your general outgoings is great. Food, general expenses. Without the relief (not deferment) of business rent, we are all doomed. Australian small business who pay rents and have been adversely affected by this health & financial crisis must stick together on this #StopBusinessRent

We can’t allow politicians to utilise wartime analogies without also adopting wartime policies, we would not be expected to fight on the front line and pay our business rent, shop, factory, of course we wouldn’t #StopBusinessRent together we can enforce the policy change that only Government can provide. Speaking to individual private landlords and expecting things to turn result positively is, well lets face it ridiculous!

Wishing you all a safe and speedy recovery for your business.

This post was originally  written on our Flying Solo forum.