Organising tools: Six reasons to love your bin

- June 13, 2010 2 MIN READ

The waste-paper bin is the most underrated of all organising tools. Do you love yours?

I’m serious here. Your bin is a vital part of your home office organising kit and can contribute greatly to your efficiency. If you haven’t made friends with yours yet, it’s time you did. 

My bin keeps me on the right path. It’s a guiding light in times of darkness and although it’s not much good with feedback I can talk and talk to it and it never, ever complains! 

Now, I wouldn’t give my allegiance to just any old receptacle. This is a deliberately chosen, well-positioned, exquisitely designed, decor-matching paper catcher. 

Here’s why I love it so much:

1. My bin lives right under my desk, where I open all my mail. It particularly loves junk mail and never tires of the same old diet. 

Getting rid of junk mail and unnecessary envelopes as soon as they arrive helps me stay right on top of things and keep my office organised.

2. It’s rectangular (not round) so A4 sheets and larger pieces of paper fit into it easily. This shape also means it’s stable and doesn’t teeter, even if I emphatically chuck stuff at it with my wildest, most tension-releasing lobs.

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3. It visually alerts me when its full and acts as a reassuring reminder of all the shedding I’ve done throughout the week. 

It’s a visual record of my de-cluttering, and that actually doubles the positive psychological effect that de-cluttering has in my office.

4. It’s well connected, my bin. The shredder is its best friend. Those two are a formidable force, working together to keep my desk and my mind clear. Once they’ve sunk their teeth into my waste paper there’s no changing my mind about keeping it!

The bin plus shredder combo also means I can rest easy that nobody’s likely to steal my identity by rifling through my garbage.

5. My bin helps make my business greener. Since most of the waste that comes out of my office is paper, the shredded remnants are regularly recycled as padding for my garden beds. At other times, the shredded waste goes straight into the recycling bin. Using a compartmentalised bin means you never need send a piece of waste paper to landfill again.

6. My bin is faithful to me, and I am extremely loyal to it. Why would I open my mail in the car or in any other part of the house? That’s only asking for trouble by increasing the risk of losing documents. My bin never questions my decision – and once something is in there it’s in there to stay! 

What sort of relationship do you have with your bin? Or are you infatuated with a different office organising tool? Your secret is safe with us!

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