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Outsourcing tasks: Charlie’s an angel

- April 4, 2010 < 1 MIN READ

At FSHQ we’ve long been advocates of simplifying and outsourcing tasks and have enjoyed the wonderful support of Jayne, Lisa and Fiona for a fair while. Lately however, we’ve realised we need to enlist even more support and, shock horror, maybe even employ someone!

This is a familiar scenario for many tight little ships, but from what I see it can cause more angst than it ought.

Just last week I was talking to a business owner about her need to get more help and her reaction was the classic ‘I don’t think I can afford it yet’.

Twenty minutes later, having pictured a world where most of the admin had been delegated; where key weekly activities had been scheduled and planned, her tune had changed to ‘I can’t afford not to do it!’

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And so it is with us. In a little over a week we’ve filled a couple of pages with tasks we’d like to get off our respective desks and the mythical Charlie is starting to take shape and prove his or her value to our business.

My top tip for anyone edging towards this situation, or considering taking even the smallest step towards outsourcing tasks, is to start with a brain dump of tasks.

Just get them all down on paper, no matter how diverse or obscure, and before long a profile of your ideal person or solution will smile back at you.

Charlie is still taking shape for us and it’s definitely the shape of good things to come.

What are your experiences? If you’ve ideas on outsourcing tasks to share, let us have it.