Part 2: Being accountable – Setting deadlines

- April 23, 2007 < 1 MIN READ

In a recent article I wrote about the importance of being accountable and setting deadlines for getting things done.

This topic was triggered because for me, and many others, it’s often difficult to achieve goals or complete tasks efficiently without setting deadlines.

And, 49 Flying Solo readers were brave enough to make a commitment online starting with the words “By 10am on the 24th of April I will have…”

Assuming the power of a deadline has worked for all of us, here are some of the things we should have achieved over the last three weeks…

Updated 8 websites, reorganised 3 offices, worked on 4 business plans, finished several sets of accounts, run 2 lots of customer research, collected $16K, completed 4 paintings, approached 8 companies, launched 1 blog, organised 1 sub-division, implemented 1 marketing plan, made 1 baby book, had 1 week off, made a 5-year plan, finished studying and stopped panicking.

What a productive lot we are. Or are we?

Well, it’s now past 10am on the 24th of April, so it’s time to face the music! Did being accountable and setting deadlines work?

Whether you’re glowing with the satisfaction of achievement or armed with a perfect excuse, if you made a commitment we’d love you to tell us how you went.

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I’ve started off with an update on my website rewrite.

Click here for my previous article on Being Accountable: Setting deadlines.

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