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PCaaS: Taking care of tech while you run your business

- June 3, 2017 2 MIN READ

One of the best things about being a solo operator is often having the freedom to work from anywhere you want, whenever you want. New tech options are making it easier than ever.

The downside, if you’d even call it that, is it can be unpredictable. Work can come at any time, meaning you’re often tied to forces beyond your control.

One thing you can control, however, is the tools of your trade. And few decisions are more important than the technology you chose.

‘Good technology’ means being able to connect, communicate and collaborate with anyone anywhere by having high-speed wireless and secure access to all the information you need to do your job and keep your clients happy.

Now you’re probably thinking that all sounds a lot easier said than done.

What does the best technology even look like? If it’s really the best it’s going to be expensive, right? What do I do if something goes wrong? Who do I turn to? How long before my new whiz-bang technology is out of date anyway and needing to be replaced?

One of the more exciting trends, known as PC as a Service (PCaaS), takes away all the worry, hassle and cost of managing your technology. Dell and Lenovo are examples of two PC manufacturers offering their own solutions.

Under this model, the setup of your technology, plus help-desk support, software updates, data management and security are all managed by the one service provider in a way that is seamless, convenient and vastly-more cost effective than other alternatives.

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It’s also flexible so you can choose the level of support you want. You’ll be guided on what technology best suits the needs of yourself and your staff and, depending on which PCaaS option you go with, you’ll also have the option to add or takeaway devices according to how your needs change over time.

And over the past few years, the pace of technological change has continued to chart exponentially. Phones, computers, apps and social platforms keep getting smarter and faster. Fixed and wireless networks continue to make their own giant strides, with 5G tipped to soon change everything again.

Setting a new benchmark for performance, 8th Generation Intel Core chips are optimised to take full advantage of key features written in to Windows 10, as well as to power next generation devices such as 2 in 1 laptops with their promise of better usability, productivity and all-day battery life.

They also deliver enhanced security, including support for biometric identification, keeping users more secure by having more than just a text password.

Using the PCaaS model ensures you always have the best and most up-to-date technology, so you stay ahead of the curve.

PCaaS also makes more sense from an accounting point of view.

Instead of needing to stump up for the technology in one lump sum, it involves modest monthly payments which sit on the books as operating expenditure (OPEX) as opposed to capital expenditure (CAPEX). This means your taxable income is reduced immediately. Even more importantly, you have more money freed up to invest in your business.

So where do you go to learn more about PCaaS?

Three of the world’s biggest technology companies, Hewlett Packard, Dell and Lenovo offer a range of different PCaaS packages to suit different business needs.

You might be in need of a solution that is both highly mobile yet secure. What if a combination of smart phones, tablets and PCs is best for you? How important is help desk support?

With the latest technology and ongoing support, you can relax knowing you have the tools you need and help on hand.