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Picking up when plans fail

- April 25, 2011 2 MIN READ

We’ve just had to pull the pin on our live event in Melbourne for this year and we’re not happy about it. Here’s how we intend to pick ourselves up.

In the dynamic world of small business, things rarely go precisely to plan at the best of times and trying to secure corporate sponsorship in the current climate was never going to be a breeze. 

Historically, corporate support of our events has allowed us to do what we do…only this time it hasn’t. And yes, it’s probably a fault of our marketing proposal, or our sponsor pricing, or our timing, or those odd pointy shoes that Peter wears to meetings. 

Even though we sell tickets to our events, they don’t cover set up costs and development time and we refuse to hike up the prices to an audience we love. In fact if we could make it work by giving away tickets for free, we would. 

Setbacks impact all businesses and I guess it’s how you cope and move forward that sets you apart.

Here’s how we’ll cope with our setback: we’ll be putting more magic into our Sydney event, more effort into growing our reach all around Australia and more passion into the Flying Solo community.

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Plus it’s hard to stay gloomy for long when we’ve so much great stuff going on. As I write this our new book, Flying Solo Revisited is heading to the printers and it’s a total cracker. And our Business Class membership has got off to an awesome start and we’ve plans to add heaps of extra benefits in the weeks ahead. 

Thank you for pushing us to do more and be better. Seriously. 

Melbourne-ites, we are so sorry. We’d planned our wardrobes, picked out our restaurants and were getting very excited. We’ll try again to spread our wings, just not this year. 

How have you reacted when your plans fail? Post your comments and let’s all learn.

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