Podcast: How to dominate your industry in five steps

- February 10, 2014 2 MIN READ

Wondering how to elevate yourself above the masses in your industry and stand out as THE go-to person for big brands, the media, and (of course) hordes of keen customers?

Well, Tracy Angwin of the Australian Payroll Association, has done just that. And in one of the most boring (as she admits) industries going around – Payroll!

Tracy explains exactly how she went from being just another cog in the giant corporate machine to demanding four times her previous consulting fees and being hunted down by national organisations such as TAFE and retail giants to educate people about her area of expertise.

How did she do it? Tune in to this Small Business Big Marketing podcast and find out, as Tracy reveals all under Tim Reid’s relentless grilling.

In this session of Small Business Big Marketing, you’ll discover:

  • How to establish yourself as an authority in your industry using this simple five-step formula developed for the Key Person Of Influence program.
  • How to step up and take your entire industry to a new level by actually creating the rules that the others have to play by!
  • A dirt simple, under-used method of engaging with your customers that got Tracy more than 1800 responses
  • How to seek out and form partnerships with big players in your industry and beyond, taking their authority and using it as your own
  • The ONE THING Tracy did that turned it all around – she wishes she did it years ago. Will you be wishing you did too?
  • And, in listener question time, find out where to host your content such as podcasts, videos, and blog articles for maximum impact

About these podcasts: The Small Business, Big Marketing podcasts are characterised by plenty of chit chat from Tim who’ll typically kick off with nuggets of advice and tell shaggy dog stories before diving in to the episode’s topic. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Duration: 1:02:02 minutes

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