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Podcast: How to enter a crowded market place

- June 15, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

Hear how Daniel Flynn, founder of Melbourned-based Thankyou Water, successfully enter the already crowded bottled water market.

Four years ago, Daniel Flynn had a big idea. Some would say an epiphany. Appalled to read that 900 million people had no access to safe water and equally angered by the idiocy of bottled water in a country where the tap is safe to drink from, the 19-year-old university student wanted to do something.

He decided to start his own bottled water company (as if that market place wasn’t already over-crowded!) that would channel all its surplus revenues into funding water projects rather than making a profit. Thankyou Water was born.

Listen in this Small Business Big Marketing podcast as social entrepreneur Daniel Flynn, founder of Thankyou Water, takes on the big boys in the crowded bottled water market.

Melbourne-based Thankyou Water is social enterprise that competes at the low end of the mainstream bottled water market. Daniel says this form of business – a social enterprise – appeals to the army of Gen Y consumers who will spend money but are concerned about where profits go.

The company that started as a 19-year-old’s idea now has 12 employees, comprising full and part-time staff, and is another inspiring story of starting a business and doing the world of good!

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Duration: 53:50 minutes

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