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Podcast: How To get 500 bums on seats. Fast!

- April 7, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Glen Carlson and his team managed to fill a room with 500 delegates against all odds. The one day event he organised was held over the Summer break, delegates had to pay to attend and he ran no paid advertising. All the professional conference organisers he spoke to told him he was making a big mistake. Well, history proves otherwise – Timbo even attended the event which was spectacularly good. In this interview, Glen reveals exactly how he got 500 bums on seats. Fast!

Also, in this episode of the Small Business Big Marketing show:

– Tim and Luke discuss the concept of you are who Google says you are and provide some tips ensuring that only the good stuff appears on page 1!

– Professor Mike Ewing of Monash University sheds light on the 4Ps of Marketing

About these podcasts: The Small Business, Big Marketing podcasts are characterised by plenty of banter between the hosts Tim and Luke who’ll typically kick off with nuggets of advice and tell shaggy dog stories as they warm up to the episode’s topic. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Duration: 49:25 minutes

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