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Podcast: Internet marketer, James Schramko reveals his secrets

- November 12, 2010 < 1 MIN READ

Imagine launching an information product and within 90-minutes earn yourself a sweet six-figure income. That’s exactly what our special guest, James Schramko does. Seriously! As the ex-Sales Director for Mercedes Benz Australia, James realised that he could earn a lot more money and lead a less stressful lifestyle by building online businesses. He now has well over 1,000 turning a handy multi-million dollar a year income for his wife and four children, as he really does live the four hour work week.

About these podcasts: The Small Business, Big Marketing podcasts are characterised by plenty of banter between the hosts Tim and Luke who’ll typically kick off with nuggets of advice and tell shaggy dog stories as they warm up to the episode’s topic. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Duration: 33 minutes

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