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Podcast: Marketing insights from Australia’s hottest weight training brand

- May 6, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

This is officially known as ‘The Awkward Episode’.  The one where Timbo accuses Lukeee of sending out an email he shouldn’t have (but then comes ’round) PLUS (and more shockingly), Timbo agrees to stop interrupting Lukeee upon advice from a cherished listener!

More importantly, in this episode of Small Business Big Marketing Tim and Luke interview Ric and Cam from the up and coming Australian company, Kettle Bells…the newest thing in weight training and body building.

About these podcasts: The Small Business, Big Marketing podcasts are characterised by plenty of banter between the hosts Tim and Luke who’ll typically kick off with nuggets of advice and tell shaggy dog stories as they warm up to the episode’s topic. Sit back, relax and enjoy! 

Duration: 45 minutes

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