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Podcast: Meet a KPI keynote speaker

- February 2, 2014 1 MIN READ

At the KPI Brand Acccelerator Confereces, Matthew Michaelwicz presents The Art of the Perfect Pitch. An expert in entrepreneurship, innovation and success psychology, Matthew joined Robert recently to discuss his latest book.

The right copy can double your leads but the right pitch can double your business. Rethink your pitch with the help of Matthew Michaelwicz at KPI’s Brand Accelerator Conferences across Australia.

Matthew Michaelwicz was the co-founder and CEO of a software company that grew to $20m in revenue before selling to Schneider Electric and under his leadership became the 3rd fastest growing company in Australia in 2012, as ranked by Deloitte.

Today, alongside his business interests, Matthew lectures on technology commercialisation as a Visiting Fellow at the University of Adelaide  – where he lives with his family – and increasingly puts his wisdom on paper.

We were fortunate to get Matthew onto Flying Solo’s Coaching Coach where he shares his 5 tips to success, from his latest book, Life in half a second. In the interview, Matthew was eager to leave listeners with clear, tangible steps and actions, so have your notepad at the ready. Towards the end of discussion he mentions this handy pdf worksheet.

To find out more about Life in half a second, visit:

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