Positivity, nutrition advice and failsafe hourly rate tips

- September 21, 2017 2 MIN READ

After a recent family tragedy, my friend wrote a tender tribute to his wife on Facebook.

In the shadow of loss, the familiar routine of their ordinary life had become spectacularly precious.

It’s a sentiment shared by Andrew Griffiths in this week’s column on the power of positivity in tough times: “It is really easy to obsess about the things we haven’t got or the things that we are at risk of losing…It is much better to live a life of gratitude for the things you do have in your life.”

Soloist Life

We got such a chuckle out of this meme; all of the Friday feels, right here… 

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From the forums

Lisa Rug is on the brink of soloism and she’s feeling nervous but member Adam Martelletti’s positivity is infectious: “Imagine where your business would be if all your time was focused on that and not on someone else’s. You will feel the pinch at the start but you will live to your means and make everything work.”


Five lollies are the calorie equivalent to one piece of bread; avoid that afternoon slump with a post-lunch coffee or walk around the block, advises dietitian Julie Meek via this week’s Flying Solo podcast.

Productivity tip

“Every single thing you say YES to unquestionably means saying NO to something else…” Member Matt Dell was so taken with this mantra from Peter Crocker on the power of less; he made a graphic to cut and paste and use for as PC wallpaper. Thanks, Matt!

Money tip

Member Jayen’s hourly rate calculation for a new consultancy, via Jacq Hackett on post-corporate soloism: “I took my annual salary, divided by 52 (weeks per year), divided by 35 (hours per week) and added 25% (casual loading). Every new contract I raised the price 10% until I started getting the work I wanted.”


Today’s positivity boost comes from Caleb Maddix, the 15 year-old entrepreneur, millionaire and author. (Read more about Caleb via Lucinda Lions column on imposter syndrome).

“Take the shot…. You have a better chance of sinking a basketball than Michael Jordan if Michael Jordan simply stands there, holding the ball, and not taking the shot. Michael Jordan is still the greatest basketballer player in the world, but he didn’t take the shot. You did.”

What ‘hoop’ are you aiming for this week?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments.