Put a fax machine in your pocket and get working remotely in minutes

- May 27, 2020 2 MIN READ

Got a fax machine in your business toolkit? Then it’s time to ditch your analogue device and go digital. Futureproof your business by adopting a cloud-based solution like FaxMate. Free up your time and money, safeguard your business from disruption.

By bringing your small business up to speed with a digital solution you will have access to your fax service on the go. This means you can work from absolutely anywhere and efficiently send and receive faxes on the fly, while you are out on the road or working from home.

Traditional faxing isn’t optimised for remote working and team collaboration. Basic tasks like sending and receiving faxes are dependent on a working phone line and a clunky fax machine that can be expensive and unreliable. 

FaxMate is designed for businesses who don’t have a regular need to fax but to send or receive that occasional fax. No need to continue paying ongoing monthly fax line rental fees, and no need for a dedicated fax line, saving up to $40 a month. 

Instead of standing by the traditional fax waiting for the pages to come through, a cloud solution like FaxMate allows you to print the faxes you actually want, saving you money on toner and paper while preventing the need to print any pesky SPAM. 

5 ways online faxing will kickstart your remote work capability: 

  1. Access to an online fax number
    FaxMate allocates you a fax number straight away; with no software or hardware needed to load your fax capability is activated immediately. Alternatively you can bring your existing number to FaxMate, minus your phone line rental fees.
  2. Your fax is sent STRAIGHT to email
    No need for paper, FaxMate delivers your fax as a PDF document straight to your email, allowing you immediate access to your document saving you time. You can also send faxes directly from your email.
  3. Get a fax machine in your pocket
    The FaxMate mobile app gives you access to everything your traditional fax offered without the expense of a phone line, reams of paper or ongoing toner costs. 
  4. Connect easily with the rest of the team
    FaxMate allows  you to send and receive faxes from your eFax number from up to 5 email accounts. This is great for businesses that want to share a business fax number among colleagues, or for individual professionals with multiple email addresses.
  5. Unlimited cloud storage 

Have all your faxes at your fingertips. All faxes you’ve sent and received are filed automatically through the archive and search/tag function.

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