Quarterly review: What’s next?

- June 20, 2011 2 MIN READ

Every quarter, Sam, Peter and I contemplate Flying Solo’s future. We’ll laugh, banter …we may even shed a tear. It’s all part of the fun of a quarterly review.

As you read this, we’ll be deep in discussion working on plans for  what’s around the corner. The three of us will indulge in a mix of deliberation, celebration and perhaps even mild intoxication. While we don’t rigidly stick to a meeting format for our quarterly review, we’ll always cover key areas in the quest to determine where we need to focus. Whether you work alone, or with a small team, see if our method works for you.

1. Review the plan, man

We operate with a one-page business plan, courtesy of a mind map app.

A quick look through the key activities reminds us what we’ve achieved and the overall vision we’re pursuing. While actions may change, the big picture does not.

2. Count the beans

Next up we’ll see how we’re tracking financially. We’ll start with a review of income, allowing ourselves a momentary period of elation before moving begrudgingly to expenditure.

Could we do things more efficiently? More effectively? It all shows up here.

3. Measure the mojo

Having endured the finance segment, we move to a discussion of how we’re enjoying what we do. Inevitably we’ll each have a short list of jobs we’d like to drag to the trash and will kick around solutions as best we can.

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4. Professional development

At this point, we’ll look at our needs and wants covering the likes of hardware upgrades, books, software and attendance at industry events.

 5. Renew and refresh the vision

Finally and usually in some swanky city bar (Sam doesn’t get out much), we’ll reconfirm our personal and business visions and make sure we’re headed in the same direction.

All this works for us, but what’s next for you and how do you stay on track? Tell all below.

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