NON SMOKERS, GREAT SLEEPERS: Small businesspeople reveal how their health and wellbeing is tracking

- April 9, 2020 2 MIN READ

If those numbers don’t shock you  – they should. Without a healthy ‘you’ there will simply be no business.  And while this might seem an obvious statement to make, what does that really mean when it comes to the daily habits of sole traders in Australia? 

Glad you asked. 

Over the past 6 weeks we’ve conducted Flying Solo’s Wellbeing Index – a 30 question survey investigating the health and wellness habits of our soloist community. We took the opportunity to ask you everything – from how easily you find it to fall asleep every night to how much water you drink everyday!  

Your response was generous, with over 350 soloists signing up to take part and share their story.

We’re also happy to report that the results were heartening. Yet they also showed us where the true work is to be done if we want to make a dent to the 56% of Australian business owners that experience anxiety, burnout and depression. 

Key statistics: 

Family and relationships form the core of your support system with 74% respondents saying their partner and extended circle of family and friends were imperative to the day to day success of business. In fact, 80% said it was their partner they turned to for advice or a shoulder to lean on when things got tough in the business. 

Exercise was a major part of your week, with 56% of respondents saying they got their body moving at least 3 times per week. And we’re also a community of non-smokers – a whopping 91% said they never smoke cigarettes. 

A huge 50% of soloists said they nod off to sleep each night very easily but alcohol, stress and drinking enough water to stay hydrated were key areas for improvement. 

The average soloist said they drink approximately 2 units of alcohol, 3 times a week, and find themselves thinking about their business throughout the day – even on weekends. And while most expressed an interest in a regular mindfulness practice, 60% said they were yet to start yoga or meditation. 

Where to next? 

Why are we sharing this information with you? The best reason is that we hope to help start making a difference to your wellbeing – now. Awareness is key to making informed decisions and armed with the information we’ll be posting to our newly created beWell hub, we know you’ll feel ready to take the lifestyle changes that matter most to you. 

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