Rework your workstyle

- December 14, 2014 2 MIN READ

How and where you work has a huge impact on your business. In this video, bestselling author, TV presenter & blogger, Lissanne Oliver shares her keys to creating the most productive workspace and workstyle.

What you’ll learn:

Having spent many years helping individuals and businesses improve their living and working environments, we invited Lissanne to focus on tips for single person business. Her tips can have a profound impact on our work and those around us, particularly for those of us with a home base. Pick up tips and strategies to:

Design a super-efficient workspace

When you’re working solo, what you see around you can influence how you feel and operate. Get ready to clear clutter and brighten up!

Be more productive and fulfilled

It’s one thing to have access to a mass of aids, gadgets and gizmos, but can you locate what you need precisely when you need it?

Maintain focus and banish distraction

Let’s face it, not all our work is exciting all the time, so it’s understandable we fall to the temptation of other bright lights. But sometimes we really need to get our head down and concentrate.

Truly unleash your hidden potential!

We can achieve so much when the conditions are right. And in a solo business, we know who controls the conditions, right?

LissaneOliverPresenter: Lissanne Oliver

Lissanne Oliver is an expert in helping people organise their work, life, home and time. She’s been featured widely in the media and writes a hugely popular newsletter and blog.

The author of 7 books, she’s best known for her bestseller SORTED! the ultimate guide to organising your life once and for all.

She is interviewed by Flying Solo’s, Robert Gerrish.


Audience feedback:

“Full of fabulous info, thanks!! I’ve now tidied up the pile of paper in front of me (and thrown most of it out) and completed the two most important things on my list. Feeling a happy with myself!! Thanks for your encouraging words… you’re inspiring!! :)” – Nic

“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. I’m currently working partly from home and partly in a workplace, so it was great to hear your tips and tricks on being more efficient and organised!” – Jos R

”Thank you Lissane, Robert and Karen. I really need this :-)” – Monika N



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