Sales tools for better email outreach

- November 15, 2017 3 MIN READ

Want more sales leads? These 3 tools for email outreach are simple to use, will save you time and will increase your close rate.

Email outreach is an essential part of the lead generation process, but due to its time-consuming nature, it’s an area that’s often mismanaged. In this article, I’ve detailed three tools that can really streamline the process and deliver you a better result for the time and resources you invest.


What it’s good for: email outreach (bulk custom email)

Mailshake is designed to send individually customised emails in small-to-large quantities. It does this by providing you with the ability to upload a target list by name and email address and then add in the semi-custom email template you want to send out.

The next step allows you to go through the emails and add in a personal touch for each target and then automate follow up emails. The setup could not be easier and this is one of the few tools I have used that in my experience needs no training at all. (Disclaimer: please do not use this tool for spam!)

Why would you use it?

Sending personalised email outreach (especially cold) can be a tedious time-consuming process. Mailshake speeds this right up and will save the information from all of your campaigns so that when you find email copy that works, it’s easily scaled. The fact that it provides you with the ability to personalise each of the emails gives you a much higher chance that the people reading it will be interested in and interact with your message.


What it’s good for: target research

With the click of a single button, ContactOut provides personalised contact information of the people you are researching on LinkedIn (you need to be on LinkedIn to use the tool). LinkedIn research shows that on average, people check InMail every 3 months, and a large percentage of people don’t have push notifications turned on, so if you’re just sending messages through LinkedIn’s mail service your open rates will be significantly lower than if you email the person directly.

Why would you use it?

I’m sure you are very aware of who would benefit from your offerings and LinkedIn is a fantastic place to find the right person to speak to at the targeted company (if B2B) or right job/income demographic (if B2C). Then ContactOut will, in most cases, be able to in a matter of mere seconds deliver you their work email address, and often their personal email address and phone number too.

What it’s good for: lead generation/audience creation

This tool is very special as it allows you to add a call to action (CTA) to any piece of content you share. Yes, this means you can share anything and run your own ad on the page for free! For the digitally-savvy salespeople who are also using paid social advertising to generate leads, you can add your tracking pixel to your Snips to create a remarketing audience allowing you to retarget everyone who engaged via their Facebook news feed… hurrah!

Why would you use it?

It’s a good idea to add an article that would be of specific interest to your target in your email copy. Adding Sniply to the link will give you another opportunity to speak to your now-engaged target and as they can see your picture it is much more personalised. Another great way to use Sniply is to regularly post content that’s of interest to your audience on your social channels. Then you have a chance to get your face and specific message to the readers, which, in my opinion, is pretty cool!

I strongly recommend giving these tools a try but always remember to follow up with a phone call, no matter what people say, cold calling is not dead. The phone is an important tool, but a good setup before the call can make all the difference.

I read all the comments, so if you have any questions post them there and I’ll personally answer you.