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Secrets to solo success

- September 18, 2016 2 MIN READ

What you’ll learn:

After a decade working alongside 100,000+ Australian small business owners, Flying Solo founder, Robert Gerrish understands the essential habits and actions of those who thrive. In this video, he shares his thoughts and the key ingredients of a successful and fulfilling solo business.

Know where you’re headed

For soloists, visions  are absolutely indispensable. After all what better way to give your venture focus, energy and purpose than to create a clear picture of where it’s headed? This section includes access to a downloadable tool to create your own path to success.

Why so many startups fail

It’s easy to get all revved up with passion and excitement – listening to the supportive comments from friends and family – and forget to gauge ‘real world’ demand sufficiently. Quoting research and case histories, Robert emphasises the importance of a healthy market if your business is to prosper.

Use language that gets attention

As soloists, we can expect to build attention only when we talk to a prospect in a way that shows our message is directed purely to them. Through the use of storytelling, Robert clarifies how this is done and outlines the steps to take.

Understanding customer value

Knowing the value your customers get as a consequence of your work is essential if we are to command healthy fees. A common error is to think in terms of your price, not your value. 

Presenter: Robert Gerrish

Robert Gerrish is is the founder of Flying Solo and presents their fortnightly podcast. He’s been a business commentator on ABC Four Corners, A Current Affair, Sky Business, Fairfax Digital, 2UE and ABC Radio and co-authored the bestseller, Flying Solo: How to go it alone in business. Read more on LinkedIn.

He is interviewed by writer, blogger and award winning soloist, Kate Toon.

Audience feedback:

“What a brilliant motivational webinar!” – Inder S

“Great! Thanks! – very practical and informative.” – Sue E

“That was brilliant, thank you so much! Very instructive, beautiful voices in the business world, thank you both!” – Gina C

“Amazing! Massive thanks to you both” – Felicia L