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Self confidence: Are your dreams big enough?

- September 7, 2010 2 MIN READ

“Have you emailed Roger Federer about being his success coach yet?” my husband asked as we watched the Fed Express waiver at Wimbledon.

Fed’s been without a coach for years now. And he needs one. 

My instantaneous response was “Who me? Coach the greatest tennis player of all time? The guy who makes squillions? Give me a break. Why would he want me as his coach?” 

Hubby scowled and said, “If you don’t see it in yourself how do you expect him to?” 

Ouch. Darn it – I hate it when my partner feeds me my own words of advice. 

But he’s right. 

If I don’t feel, think and believe that I’m worthy of coaching Federer (or any other marvellously famous, wealthy, intelligent and accomplished demigod) then there is no way I‘ll ever get the opportunity to do it. 

It’s not like Fed is going to call me up and say, “Hey Zoe, you seem like a nice person. I’ll give you a chance!” 

No way, José! 

Our clients choose us because we are confident, sincere, genuine and earnest. They pick up on our self confidence and certainty that our services or products will make a lasting difference to them, and it inspires them to trust us. 

On the other hand, hoping they’ll like us or wondering whether we’re up to the job they’ve entrusted to us doesn’t put prospective clients in the buying mindset for one millisecond. 

If I want to work with the best and be the best coach in the world, then waiting for someone of status and reputation to hire me will not get me anywhere. I need to be the best coach in my heart and soul first. That’s when the high profile, high influence clients show up. 

I need to have self confidence and see myself as worthy, deserving and capable now. I need to feel Fed-ready now! 

And like Mohammad Ali, I need to disable my downplayer and shout from the rooftops “I am the greatest!” 

So what stops us from dancing around in silk boxers metaphorically punching the air? 

I believe it’s because we haven’t spent the time and energy envisioning grand designs. We get so stuck in making ends meet that we forget to dream. And dream big. 

In fact, I declare that henceforth all solopreneurs shall make a Dream Big appointment with themselves each and every day, followed by some shadow boxing while reciting the mantra “I am the greatest!” 

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Yeah, baby! 

And Fed? It’s on like Donkey Kong. 

If you have big dreams, shout them from the rooftops below! Putting your silk boxers on first is optional.

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