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Self projection: Exposing the real deal

- September 20, 2009 < 1 MIN READ

Listening to comments at the Flying Solo LIVE! event, I was reminded of how quickly others draw opinions from what they see and hear, and what an important role self projection can play. Are you projecting the image you want others to observe?

Feedback regarding the event was delightfully very positive. As good little soloists, we welcome, read and pay attention to all feedback, whether it makes us whoop with joy or dive under the desk.

This missive is not about feedback though, it’s more about ‘feedforward’ – the impression people take from what they see.

Let me give you some examples that relate to three of our fabulous FS contributors, each of whom ran a session at Flying Solo LIVE!

Kate James explored ways to work healthily and minimise stress. I spoke to a handful of people who attended her presentation and each one remarked on Kate’s calming nature and relaxed style.

Kim McGuinness tackled face-to-face networking and emphasised the need to be natural and focus on building meaningful relationships. One comment I just read concluded, “My networking before her talk was pathetic. My networking after was fantastic.”

Last time I met with Kim she brought her 8 year old son to the meeting as he was sick from school. Not worrying about exposing ‘real life’ makes me admire Kim more now than I already did.

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Heather Smith addressed the challenging topic of accounting and as anyone who’s met Heather will attest, she doesn’t do dull. She’s outgoing, entertaining and straightforward. Would I want to talk with her about my finances? You bet.

So, take a look at how your self projection and make sure the outside world is getting the real deal.

Thoughts? Comments? Dive in.