Seven tips to boost productivity after lunch

- July 17, 2014 2 MIN READ

Lunch is a good time to recharge your mind and body, but it can sometimes be followed by a slump. Here are seven tips to boost your productivity, post pie.

Eat well

Try having two snacks after lunch to increase productivity. Foods like strawberries and blueberries are not only good for your brain and skin, they’re also great for lifting your mood and relieving stress.

Although it’s ideal to avoid processed sugar like soft drinks and candies, if you have a sweet tooth, eating chocolate has some benefits: dark chocolate increases your focus and milk chocolate improves visual memory.

If you’re stuffed like a turkey, instead of snacking, try smelling basil or chamomile, it can reduce tension and helps to increase mental clarity. 

A study found that 65 percent of workers eat at their desk, so when lunch time arrives, take the opportunity to chat to someone or sit outside.


Research has shown that raising your heart rate and working up a sweat for 15 minutes can achieve the same effect as a 60 minute workout. Exercising allows you to return to work recharged. Stick to what works for you, whether it be a 20 minute walk, some light aerobic exercises, 30 minutes of yoga or even deskercises!

If finding the time to exercise is too difficult, start with some deep breathing exercises and work your way up from there. Mediation heals and gives you a sense of inner peace.

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Skip the mid-afternoon cup of coffee

Yup, I said it. Stop chain-drinking and turn your focus to the right sources of energy. Drinking more water will increase your fluid intake, reduce your anxiety and irritability, and help you feel perky.

Take a cat nap

Sometimes the best way to combat fatigue is to take a power nap. Turn off your brain and relax for 15-20 minutes, it’ll rev you up for the rest of the day. 

Save the mundane tasks for last

By evaluating your workday earlier, you can set yourself up for success later. Try working on the harder (or worst) tasks earlier in the day.

When you first come back to your desk after lunch, don’t check your emails. Try to work on the worst thing that requires completion, then move on to the more mundane items like checking emails or following up on projects.

Get some sunshine

Walk outside for 10 minutes and let the sunlight hit your face. Being exposed to dim light can make you feel sleepy and stressed. Sunshine is essential for boosting your serotonin (or happy) levels. If you have an appointment, schedule it for lunch time to help break up your day. This also forces you to stop eating at your desk!

Turn up the music

Listening to your favourite music can help you focus and feel more energised. Jamshed Bharucha, neuroscientist and musician, states that music allows us to connect and work together in a more synchronised way. Depending on what type of music you’re listening to, music can actually help you complete tasks faster!

The above tips will help you to fire on all cylinders rather than experiencing post-lunch productivity problems.

What are your tips for boosting productivity after lunch?

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