Sickies for soloists, low-cost outsourcing and dual business names

- September 7, 2017 2 MIN READ

This week’s must-read

All that freedom seems exhilarating on paper, but is the reality harder than it looks?

After all, as Kate Toon says in her column on being your own best boss, even taking a genuine sick day can be tough.

“When we work at a ‘real’ job, we’re given ten days of paid sick leave. As an employee I took full advantage of this. But as a self-employed person? Not so much. Us soloists tend to just push on, and complain on Facebook instead.”

Soloist Life

Speaking of taking a break, the Flying Solo team loved member Andy Holt’s recent holiday snap. Funny how work has a mind to follow you everywhere 🙂

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This week’s new Premium members are Ozcart Ecommerce, Mick Jones, readilearn and Elle Roberts, while Suzanne Kiraly, Franklin Bell Electrical and Data ContractorsBook Cover Cafe – Business Publishing Services, Care Family Dental and GENXTBT Solutions have renewed for another year. It’s so lovely to have you all on board!

From the forums

Our Mod Dave on member ABW’s two business name dilemma: “Run it as two branches and get the pros of both. A lot of new biz ask which channel will sell their product, but your biz shows that often the answer is ALL OF THEM and see what works.”

Productivity tip

Keen to outsource tasks but don’t want to break your budget? Check out Korryn Haines pricing guide for virtual Assistants. “There’s someone one out there for every soloist!”

In case you missed it…

Andrew Griffiths simple process for financial accountability sparked lots of community interest.


You won’t get to the end of this week’s podcast without thinking of snail mail differently! As Winston Marsh explains to Robert, it’s a neglected modern marketing tool.

Tech tip

Don’t be the business owner in Grant O’Neill’s article; he lost half a day’s work and $15,000 because his website wasn’t  backed up properly.


From a pioneer of powerful positive thought, Louise Hay, who passed away last week aged 90: “Of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete”

Got a positive mantra for the coming week? I’d love for you to share it  in the comments.