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Silent stories: We’ll tell ours. You tell yours.

- August 25, 2014 2 MIN READ

A silent story is a piece of information that few people know about you. Seldom shared, these little morsels help create connections with others.

One of the questions our Business Class members can answer for their full page promo is: “What’s one thing about you few people know?” The answers are either quirky, interesting or just downright fascinating. For example, Football-mad John Groarke shook hands with Liverpool FC legend, Kenny Dalglish. Closet nerd, Helle Warming has an engineering degree she’s never used. And David Harrison learnt how to deal with panic after getting lost in an Antarctic blizzard!

Here’s one thing you may not know about each of us. 

Lisa Crocker – Membership Maven 

I was diagnosed as being deaf when I was a baby. My hearing miraculously returned a year later. Now I just have selective hearing!

Peter Crocker – Ad Man 

I once played as a substitute fielder against the West Indian Cricket team in their 1995 England tour match vs Somerset. 

Dave Gillen – Forum Fella

I have a world-class skill that allows me to catch dropped objects impossibly before they hit the ground. Not your average catch of your sunnies when they start to slide off, we’re talking some trippy time-bending stuff where I’m overtaking a bottle of olive oil in the air to make the save.

Robert Gerrish – Head Honcho

In 1990 I sold my house in London and sunk the proceeds into a disused Public Convenience, transforming it into an art gallery. I learnt heaps and lost plenty! 

Sam Leader – Mojo Manager

If you played me nearly any song from the 1980s, I’d be able to tell you the name and artist within seconds and could quote most of the lyrics, too. 

Lucinda Lions – Editor at Large

When I was pregnant I had a condition known as Pica where I craved bizarre things. Gherkins? Nah. I salivated over sand and even looked twice at a car tyre. I also frightened a guy in Bunnings who saw me tasting fence palings in aisle eight. (Postscript: My baby was human.)

Jayne Tancred – Forum Concierge

As a teenager, I saw the Blues Brothers 14 Wednesday nights in a row, and remain convinced that it is the best movie ever made. I still know all the words to the script, made all my friends dress up like Blues Brothers for my 40th birthday party, and am on a mission (from God) to see all the musicians who starred in the film perform live before they die.

Jodie McLeod – Editor on Leave 

I spent most of my childhood on the back of a horse, and once beat an Olympic Gold Medallist equestrian rider in an eventing competition. Given, his horse was in training, but… Olympic Gold Medallist!

Jennifer Tumanda – Admin Angel 

I’m a math whiz. I can solve most x and y problems within five minutes. If you need a little help with tangents and cosines, just drop me an email.

Your go. Need some ideas? Perhaps you have a quirky skill, talent or party trick? Did you have an unusual job? Represented your country in something? Met a famous person? Done something silly/amazing/life-saving? Overcome an adversity? Whatever it is, we’d love to hear from you!

What’s one thing about you few people know?

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