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So, you think you can procrastinate?

- July 12, 2018 2 MIN READ


You’ve got to eat, right? But beware the snacking slippery slope. You start with a little sweet. Gotta even it out with some salt. And don’t get me started on the umami. See you later productivity.

See also: ProcrastiTea


I’ve heard this is a real thing. Let this be a depth to which thy never sinks.


Come on little Timmy, let me help you with your homework. Wanna play catch? Talk about your feelings? Mummy’s here for you.


As soon as I’m on serious deadline (not the pretend ones I make to trick my brain), it becomes desperately important to check on my invoices, run a profit & loss report I don’t fully understand, and try out some new email features that will save me loads of time.

See also: ProcrastiFiling. It  may mean spending 3 hours organising your screenshots. Or downloading all emailed receipts for the past financial year, you know, just in case you get audited. Think of all the time you’ll save when you get audited. Best take care of it now.


If finding the perfect miniature head in a jar gothic style pendant is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. And the computer remembers my credit card numbers #meanttobe


Me: Hey mum

Mum: Hi, what’s going on?

Me: Just checking in…

Mum: Anything new since you called 53 minutes ago?

Me: Not really…


The to-do list (OK, I have more than one) is a rich source of time suck. Crossed a few things of the list? Better rewrite it so it’s neat and you don’t miss anything. Added some more items? Better rewrite it so it’s in order of importance. Not to mention the joy of creating sub lists across multiple notebooks (someone please agree, I can’t be the only one).


Decluttering is the ProcrastiProject that never has to end. Get rid of a bunch of crap, ProcrastiShop your way to a new house load of crap. It’s the ciiiiiiiircle of life…

What’s your next level procrastination tip? Tell us now… or do it later.