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Social media link building tips

- November 20, 2014 2 MIN READ

With every algorithm change, the value of social media increases in the larger picture of SEO. Google is in cahoots with social media, and if there’s a lack of buzz through those channels, Google will fail to see the value in your site.

To make sure you’re not falling off the first page of search results, see if your strategy is up to par with these social media link building guidelines.

Quality content is the best link of all

Some readers love the visual aspect of infographics and others prefer an article with proven statistics and well-researched information; while others like new angles on a hot topic. Everyone has their own preferred way to consume information, whether they know it or not. But everyone wants quality, so consider these tips.

  • Focus on organic buzz. People will share your content if they can emotionally connect to it or if they find the information valuable. This creates a natural link buzz built on integrity rather than spam, and makes it much more likely to go viral.
  • Tag the influencers. Always tag the influencers, bloggers and writers whom you mentioned in your content. Not all of them will see it, share it, or link back to you, but putting your name in front of them will garner attention over time. 

Take advantage of the right tools

The Internet is too complex to navigate without a few tools to help you sift through the noise. A few simple extensions are all you need to make sure that you’re not missing any conversations about your brand and competitors.

  • Fresh Web Explorer finds mentions of your brand, company or keywords that you search for, which allows you to find the key audiences to target.
  • Followerwonk is a Twitter analytics service, which gives you more insight into the social authority scores of your followers. Again, you can best utilize your efforts by building relationships with thought-leaders and conversation starters, or those with the most perceived authority. 

Contribute often and contribute early

Social media moves fast, and engagement isn’t just for your followers. In order to establish your credibility as a knowledgeable leader in your industry, you have to make it known by jumping in and joining the conversation.

  • Create quality commentary. Don’t just say, “Hey, great post!” with a link. Do your own research and add a comment that is helpful, interesting, and lets the content producer know that you are an industry expert.
  • Be one of the first to respond to a question or give feedback. Your responses will get lost in the shuffle of big company and brand accounts quickly, so aim to be in the first ten comments or interactions.

Shameless self-promotion is a one-sided conversation and people will quickly tune out to what you’re saying. Link building on social media is a prime example of working smarter, not harder. Engage in the right conversations, share the right content, and communicate with the right people, and the links and mentions will start to build.

What are your thoughts on these social media link building tips?