Soloist position vacant – enquire within

- August 13, 2012 2 MIN READ

Imagine a job description for a micro business owner was advertised. I think the description would go something like this.

  • Micro business seeks owner
  • Unlimited potential and possibility
  • Flexible working hours
  • Work from home
  • Opportunity for growth
  • Professional (and personal) development guaranteed

Hooray! You found this job ad! Not many people do, and for good reason – soloists cannot be pigeonholed into a combination of drop-down-box categories on regular job boards. The role we’re defining is not limited to a location, industry, sub-classification or salary. It’s anywhere and everywhere – and right here – right now.

And we’re so glad you’re reading this, because we know you’re right for the soloist position, and we know the position is right for you.

How do we know?

Because we heard you had an idea bubbling away – an idea of your dream job in which you do the thing you love doing, and earn a living from doing it. There might be other things you love doing, but the beauty of this particular thing is others love it and want to buy it from you. This gives you just enough support – maybe more, maybe a lot more – to fulfil your life’s other needs, which may include having a good lifestyle, starting a family or going on a holiday every now and then. But as a soloist, your main source of fulfilment is the fact that your work is the result of your dreams in action – not the dreams of someone else.

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Now, to the perks: number one is FLEXIBILITY. Sick of nine to five? This job is seven to eleven, with a one-hour (or occasionally 10-minute) lunch break, followed by some more work, then maybe some exercise or errands, time to cook dinner and put the kids to bed, then power through your most creative hours from nine to ten. Or pick some other numbers and those could be your working hours, too. Other coveted perks include CONTROL, INDEPENDENCE, the ability to WORK FROM HOME and IMPROVED LIFESTYLE.*

Of course, every job has its challenges, and this job is no exception. It takes commitment, self-motivation and passion to succeed – whatever your definition of success may be – but you will face each challenge with a heightened sense of purpose because, in this position, you are wholly accountable for your actions and results.

In this job, you will have the best boss in the world. Although, sometimes the boss is so relaxed the onus is on you to keep the boss in line, because, you guessed it – the boss is YOU.

Position available for immediate start. Do you have it in you? Enquire within.

* Understanding micro business, Flying Solo 2012–2013

What perks or challenges would you add to your micro business job description?