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Spiritual success and the microbiz owner

- September 12, 2014 2 MIN READ

If you want to truly become successful, you have to drop the ‘BS’ and understand what success really is, as it relates to the truest you.

The truth about me

At age 16, I was not successful with girls. A skinny kid, I joined the gym to create the perfect body. This physical success brought good health, moments of fleeting happiness and admiring glances from the opposite sex.

Having a great physical appearance was not permanent or completely fulfilling, so I next chose to create financial success by making more and more money. Money brought toys, moments of fleeting happiness, and admiring glances from the opposite sex.

Having more money was not completely fulfilling either, so I chose to sow into relationships. This love addiction was also unfulfilling, as I sometimes found that I was so “into” the other person that the real me disappeared.

As I navigated past physical success (muscles that grew, withered), material success (money that rose, fell) and relationship success (more rise and fall), I discovered that there were many versions of success, truths and truer truths. Beyond that, I ultimately discovered the truest truth of all. 

The truest truth

Going somewhere over the rainbow, beyond the various truths, whether you see seven colours or seven million, you will eventually discover that you can only see a rainbow if there is a single source of light. This is the truest truth.

Beyond the physical, material and relational lies the spiritual; without it, the others are nothing. To inject some eternal spiritual success into your physicality, bring mindfulness or meditation into your daily activities. Meditation does not mean always sitting still. You can meditate whilst eating, dancing, walking, running or doing yoga.

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Successful relationships

Business aside, you can enjoy a more successful relationship by bringing a spiritual goal to your union. Instead of each partner merely focusing on making the other partner happy, aim to have a combined goal that brings happiness to others as well.

Bring spiritual success into your material world by having a greater purpose for your wealth. Giving back to the community or the world is a fundamental financial principle in many sacred traditions, and has been taught for thousands of years because it works on financial and spiritual levels.

Just as turning up the light source makes for richer colours in the rainbow, more spiritual enlightenment in your life will make all of your success goals clearer, bolder, richer and stronger.

What are your thoughts on spiritual success?