Stay connected with customers with pay as you go faxing

- May 19, 2020 3 MIN READ

Are you a business who don’t have a regular need to fax but need to send or receive that occasional fax? Are you looking for a cost-effective mobile and digital solution? A pay as you go option is the answer.

Current restrictions are forcing millions of small businesses to operate remotely, making the need to remain connected with customers and staff more important than ever. With access to traditional business tools limited, savvy small business owners are seeing the pandemic as a catalyst to ditch the analogue fax machine and adopt a pay as you go digital solution.

Why it’s time to go digital

Today’s small business owners want a fax service without the upfront costs associated with capital equipment that come with buying a fax machine, a fax number with line rental fees and consumables like paper and toner. 

In fact most types of businesses only need a fax machine to send or receive the odd fax from a third party. It’s critical because the other party will mandate they can only fax and email is not an option due to the legality and compliant nature of the document being sent or received.

Being attached to a physical phone line means you are also limited to receiving one fax at a time.  A cloud fax solution is never busy, always online and allows you to receive multiple faxes quickly and easily straight to your device. 

A cloud fax increases productivity and ensures you don’t run the risk of missing legitimate faxes from genuine clients or suppliers. Cloud technology like FaxMate help’s small business communicate on the go, close deals faster and access faxes from anywhere in the world.

Small business need to communicate on the go, working remotely from their homes, cafes or a virtual office space, and transition between all three spaces with ease.

And if being ‘on the go’ is critical to your business it’s definitely time you junked your traditional fax machine. These analogue machines are incompatible with the digital-only NBN. There are a few workarounds that are available, but it’s costly to retrofit. 

For a small business, cost savings is a high priority due to limited cash flow, and the importance of diverting funds to where it makes maximum revenue is key.

The benefits of a cloud fax service

FaxMate works on any network with an internet connection. The fax number lives on the cloud so it’s always online so you never miss a fax. 

Without being tied to a phone line, FaxMate keeps your business fully mobile. If you’re a tradie working out on jobs or a legal practice working remotely trying to keep your team in the loop, FaxMate offers a simple and efficient and reliable solution. 

Ready and on demand, FaxMate provides access to a Fax Service 24/7. With no hardware or software you can activate your service as soon as you sign up and start receiving faxes immediately straight to your email as a PDF attachment, eFax mobile apps or web portal. 

FaxMate will help maximise your limited time and boost your productivity as you juggle the various tasks and responsibilities that define your business. The digital signature and fax to email features mean you can close deals faster (no waiting required) and allow access to faxes from anywhere in the world, 24/7. 

You get a permanent fax number you can choose without any additional phone line rental fees. It’s your own private fax number you can use to send and receive faxes. It can be linked to 5 email addresses so you and your colleagues can send faxes or receive faxes straight from their email.

It’s the Innovative pay as you go pricing that really allows small business to tailor pricing options to your needs and budget. That means if you send or receive faxes more often, the option is there to adjust create a pricing plan that fits your usage.

Discover how FaxMate can work for you. Check out the price bundle options or choose the pay as you go option.

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