Staying in love with your business

- May 23, 2013 2 MIN READ

Has anyone else faced a time in their business where they’ve just put their hands up in defeat and asked, “Why, why, why am I doing this? I left [insert previous role here] for flexibility, passion, drive and freedom but instead I am lost, exhausted, heart-broken and broke.”

This may have happened in varying degrees.

Whatever the degree, there is hope for reviving your passion for your business.

Personally, I have found that defining who I am in business has been the biggest challenge. Just when I think I’ve identified my unique offering, niche and target market, something comes in and takes the rug from underneath my feet. “Nope,” says the universe; “now you’re going this way.” Sigh.

I chopped and changed like this for two years, and then I stopped, literally, dead in my tracks and stagnated for a whole six months. I had lost my business passion, purpose and definition, which I don’t think I ever really had in the first place. I felt like I was starting all over again.

So what does one do when starting again?

Go back to the very basics. What is it that you fell in love with? What is it that you could do all day long without losing energy or momentum? Is it still feasible?

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If so, how are you going to get this message out to the world?

So, the first step is to remind yourself of why you love your business. Then you need to work out what has to happen to keep the love alive. This is where the hard work, growth and commitment come in.

My main advice is: stay true to who you are (very important), yet be flexible in the face of change. This means being truly innovative and ‘getting with the times’ – whether from a technology, marketing, branding or sales point of view. To stay ahead of the game, evolution and innovation must occur, just as in long-term relationships.

Persistence, commitment and hard work must then follow. Whenever you feel the ‘zing’ waning, ensure that you remain focused and committed to that original goal. Never lose sight of the reasons you fell in love in the first place.

If you do discover you are flogging the proverbial dead horse, keep in mind there is no shame in breaking up with or shifting the focus of your business. Like all good relationships, it takes two to tango, and when the other party (which could be anything or anyone from your business partner or joint venture partners to the environment) just ain’t playing ball, it might be time to swing your bat in another direction.

What are your tips for staying in love with your business?