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Staying upbeat when working alone

- September 14, 2014 2 MIN READ

It’s hard to maintain focus and balance when you’re doing everything yourself. With tips on handling overwhelm, staying on track and looking after yourself, this video provides new skills and will renew your energy.

What you’ll learn:

Staying upbeat has much to do with how you set up your business and the support structures you establish. Presenter Emma Grey shares her wealth of experience gained both in her own business and as a consultant working with corporate and Government clients. Topics covered include:

Working out what’s important

For many soloists, business has to fit in around other commitments and time is at a premium. Through enquiry and planning, clarifying priorities can become a routine.

Establishing effective boundaries

Whether family, friends and neighbours, work colleagues or other distractions, safeguarding your headspace from others is an essential element of solo success.

Developing the ideal working week

If you’re forever getting to the end of the week having not accomplished what you expected, it’s time to take control and work your ideal week.

How to design and build your own support network

Easier than it may sound, all of us can develop a team of supporters to help us achieve our goals. Emma shows us how.

Presenter: Emma Grey

Emma Grey is an author, director of the life-balance consultancy, WorkLifeBliss and co-founder of a fresh approach to self-development, ‘My 15 Minutes’. She writes for Flying Solo, MammaMia and others and runs workshops and courses online and at events around the country.

She is interviewed by Flying Solo’s, Robert Gerrish.

Audience feedback:

“Just wanted to say thank you – this has given me the kick & lift that I need as I am starting out my own business.” – Felicity M

“It’s very heartening as well as motivating. Thanks again.” – Josh P

“Thank you all, a lovely presentation!” – Felicia L