Superheroes, LinkedIn and the power of harnessing our irrational brain

- August 17, 2017 2 MIN READ

Superheroes are a big deal for our 3 year-old son; I try to temper his fascination for violence with that adage, ‘With great power comes great responsibility’.

This adage is echoed in Ingrid Moyle’s column on brain anchors and pricing strategy.

Anchors are clever mental shortcuts which help us process modern life’s information onslaught by telling us: “I have seen this situation before: this must be the same or similar to that”. We can use this to our advantage, but our challenge as business owners is to “use this knowledge for good not evil.”

Soloist life

Vanessa Emilio’s excellent column on confrontation really inspired member Belinda Jane Video: “Great timing, I’m about to fire a client… We’ve bent over backwards to get him the items he requires promising us lots of return business which hasn’t happened and now he’s rude to everyone, so it’s not worth the stress he causes!”

Have you used psychology to develop  your pricing strategy? Has firing a client crossed your mind? Share in the comments.

Welcome to our premium members

A warm welcome to the newest members of team Flying Solo: Prima Writer, Peter Handberg and Celetrum Consulting. We’re also delighted to have: Timewise Financial Solutions, Marketing Hat and Fridge Design Studio renewing for another year.

Tech tip

Marketing-phobic soloists should read all five of Jo Macdermott’s steps to simplifying marketing automation. Here’s #2: “Create segments. Think about your customers… are there different groups you want to target? It’s a good idea to create a couple of different email lists based on the demographics of your audience and then create separate workflows for each.”


Does your LinkedIn profile need a lift Not only does Adam Houlahan share his professional tips on the podcast with Robert this week; he’s offering his 4-week course with Flying Soloists, for free.

Productivity tip

Member Cindy O’Dea had a great answer to Gemma Hawdon’s deadly distractions of working from home: “I like to reward myself so I will set a timer for an hour and work like a Trojan (whilst putting my phone far out of reach) to complete something AND then spend 10 minutes in the garden with a cuppa. I set the timer for that as well.”

From the forums

Stuck on a name for her luxury hamper business, Christina2590 turned to our Flying Solo forums; member StudioS was quick to recommend a mind map: “Do a mind map of all the qualities, attributes and emotions that you want your hamper to bring to your target market i.e. what will they experience from your hamper – it can be convenience, it can be trying something new, it can be a little indulgence..Once you’ve got a few handful of words, start ranking them.”


A wonderful reminder of  “why” we choose soloism from Leah White via this week’s community profile: “Flexibility, freedom, creativity and knowing that whatever I invest my time/energy/creativity in, it’s not working for someone else’s dream. It is serving my passion to have a positive impact on this planet.”

Got a tip/story/business idea to share? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.