Setting business goals

Take a small step for a big change

- January 28, 2013 2 MIN READ

If you’re contemplating another year in business with even a smidgeon of dread and foreboding, spend five minutes reading this.

Those who’ve devoured our little tome will be well aware of the emphasis we put on the need for a compelling business vision. Indeed we dedicate a chapter to the topic and even supply a template to get things moving.

Being realistic though, the majority of you haven’t bought a copy of our book, and you can relax as I’m not about to try and sell you one now.

Instead, I’d like to share with you what must be the world’s easiest business vision exercise and one I’ve used with clients time and again.

It’s called a Letter from the future and it works like this.

Sit yourself down, somewhere nice – a place where you feel calm, comfortable and creative. For many this is not the office, but might be another area of the house, at a public library, in a café, park or at the beach.

Turn off your phone, clear your mind and write me a letter. Yes, really.

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But here’s the thing: the letter is from the future. One year from now. It’s a letter that describes your view of the ideal world. It’s not where you are now; it’s where you want to be.

In your letter tell me what you’re up to. How your business looks. Where you’re spending your time. I’d like to know about stuff outside work as well – friendships, relationships, your outlook on life and your health.

Name names, be specific, get it all down. Take your time and keep it real. You may even like to have a close friend, partner or family member undertake the same exercise.

When it’s finished, send it to me c/o your own address. When you receive the letter, I give you permission to open it, read it carefully and circle the major advances from your current situation in red pen. These are your goals for the year ahead, the areas of life and work that demand your attention.

Done well, your Letter from the future will reveal an inspiring destination to head towards. From there, you just need to start the journey.

Will you take that first step and if so, what does it involve? Share your thoughts and comments below.