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Targeting key business milestones

- January 10, 2009 2 MIN READ

Success is not about working long hours and weekends, it’s about actively targeting key business milestones in the form of key, or ‘springboard’ events. Here’s how these events can propel your business forward.

I have recently returned from a fascinating four week business trip to the US attending conferences and training and making contacts. I remarked to my wife that I now feel like a different business person. That got me thinking more about these important key business milestones.

I remember seeing my company name in a newspaper article I’d written. I was on a high for a week but more importantly, it was a huge confidence booster. Presenting at my first Chamber of Commerce workshop also had a big impact. I was surprised that people would actually give up their precious time to come and hear me speak.

The unplanned moments can also be critical. A business conversation with two friends during a social dinner had a profound effect on how I viewed the relationship between “value delivered” and “rate charged”.

These key business events or realisations could be internal transformations, where you have adjusted your mindset or boosted your confidence. Or they may be external, where the world sees your business in a different light. Either way, these key business milestones can have a profound effect on your success.

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If the average business has three or four springboard events in a year, imagine the impact on your business if you could increase these to five or six.

So perhaps instead of targeting a percentage increase in sales this year, what key business milestones could you actively target?

Two key business milestones I am focusing on are winning a small business award and speaking at a conference. And maybe in the future, once I have learnt to clone myself, a book could be on the cards.

What key moments have transformed you or your business? In addition to sales growth, can you actively target a few more business milestones in 2009?