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Ten strategies for a ‘detoxed lifestyle’

- March 3, 2008 3 MIN READ

A great alternative to a regular detox program is to create a detoxed lifestyle. This enduring approach allows you to enjoy life’s pleasures, while at the same time caring for your health on a daily basis.

A regular detox program aims to reduce or eliminate physical vices such as unhealthy foods, caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol and recreational drugs while simultaneously increasing exercise and using techniques for reducing stress.

All of these things are wonderful, but can result in quick fix, short lived benefits. Aiming to create a detoxed lifestyle will enable you to enjoy good health for life.

The place to begin is to understand what drives us toward the vices in the first place. Most soloists are extremely busy and have little time for self care. Without the time to relax and reflect, we can find ourselves operating on automatic pilot without stopping to consider whether we’ve actually created lives that are really fulfilling.

Without continually reviewing our levels of happiness, we can find ourselves filling up the empty spaces with things that provide short term pleasure, like a block of chocolate or half a bottle of wine. If we take the time to think about what is really in the void – maybe it’s a need for love or a need to be understood and validated – we often eliminate the need for the vice.

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Here are ten ways to live a detoxed lifestyle and actively promote good health:

1. Find someone to love

Most people want a partner – some just don’t want to admit it to themselves because they fear it won’t happen. Don’t be afraid to be proactive.

2. Connect with others

People who have a good social network are the happiest. If you don’t have great friends, make it your mission to get out and meet new people.

3. Exercise regularly

Exercise is not only a means of improving your physical health, but a great way of creating time for you. Aim to exercise at least three times a week to a point that you get your heart rate up for at least twenty minutes

4. Schedule time to relax

Even if it’s only fifteen minutes each day, slowing down is essential for all of us. Meditation is a wonderful way to calm the mind but if it’s not for you, lying down listening to your favourite piece of music will do wonders.

5. Nurture yourself

Prevention is the key to a successful lifestyle detox program. Book a massage treatment once a month and make the next booking before you leave so you remember how important it is to prioritise self care.

6. Breathe

Create mini-breaks in your day where you take the time to do at least ten deep breaths. Extend the breath deep into your belly and exhale slowly to really purify your system.

7. Stretch

A couple of stretching exercises is a wonderful way to start your day. The yoga sun salutation pose is an excellent series of stretches to perform.

8. Enjoy your vices in moderation

If it’s what you enjoy, have a glass of wine or two each day and ideally allow two alcohol free days per week. Moderation is key. There’s no point in detoxing for a month and then going out on a bender once you’ve finished.

9. Eat well five days a week

…and relax the rules on the other two.

10. Talk to someone

Don’t wait until you’re feeling overwhelmed or depressed before getting help. Have a couple of sessions with a counsellor or coach to talk things through. Often you’ll find that just the process of airing your concerns is enough to lift a weight from your shoulders.

Do any of these detoxed lifestyle strategies work for you? Or do you have other tips to share? Let us know via a comment.