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- December 10, 2012 2 MIN READ

Launching my business wouldn’t have gone as smoothly without a little help from my virtual team – that’s you!

Last week, my friend Scott and I very excitedly launched our new business. After four years of running my writing and marketing business, it’s been quite a learning curve finding myself back in start-up mode.

My existing business started quite organically. A few people in my network came to me and asked for help with their marketing and copywriting, then a few more, and a few more. Over time, it evolved to the point where it became my full-time job.

Tribe of the Tree has been different. We’ve created a new spin on an existing form of natural medicine (flower essences), and since few people were aware we were making them, we knew from the get-go that we wouldn’t initially have people knocking on the door asking to buy our products.

We spent a lot of time wondering how to overcome this and, in the end, decided to conduct an extensive sampling campaign. Handing out lots of free flower essences during the time we were developing our brand and finalising our business plan has turned out to be the best thing we could ever have done.

But I have to say that we’d never have had the confidence to invest in this strategy as strongly as we did if it weren’t for the number of articles and forum threads here on Flying Solo in which people have shared their own experiences with similar strategies.

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In fact, that we’ve launched our new range of products at all is thanks in no small measure to the Flying Solo community. Literally every time we’ve needed to know something about setting up our new business, we’ve been able to find information and advice to point us in the right direction right here.

We’ve had help getting our product names right, creating images of our products, choosing our accounting system and sourcing our packaging. Lessons learnt here have helped us formulate our business vision, define the roles each of us will play, and work out how to interact to let each of us play to our strengths. Even our first paying customer came from Flying Solo!

So, from a newbie start-up, here’s huge thanks to each and every one of you in this community who shares your experience and advice. The support you offer is invaluable and really does make an enormous difference to those of us just starting out.

And if you haven’t yet made the leap from being a reader to being an active participant in the community, please don’t be shy. We’re a very welcoming bunch, and it’s quite likely that someone, somewhere would greatly benefit from what you have to contribute.

What have you learned from the Flying Solo community? Please share – it might just be something I’ve been wondering about myself!