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The 10-second marketing habit guaranteed to increase sales

- May 22, 2017 3 MIN READ

I hear from so many fellow soloists that they are ‘bad at marketing’. What they’re forgetting is this inescapable truth:

By virtue of being a consumer who makes everyday successful decisions, you know much more than you realise about marketing.

Every website you visit, every store you enter, every product you buy, every supplier you hire; every consumer-related action you take, is building your database of marketing experience.

Here’s how to put that experience to good use:

The 10 second daily marketing habit

This habit simply involves channelling your marketing experience in three easy steps. It literally takes seconds and will help you increase sales!

  1. Be alert to every successful marketing decision you make throughout the day
  2. Ask yourself: “Why did I make that decision?”
  3. Answer the question. Learn from it.

For example:

  • Have you clicked away from a website in frustration recently? Ask yourself why. Your answer could help increase usability and conversion rates on your own website.
  • Were you persuaded to buy an item from a store? Why? Your answer could help improve your sales techniques.
  • Did you spontaneously purchase an item while doing the grocery shopping? Why? Your answer could help improve your packaging and
  • Have you recommended a particular product or service to a friend recently? Why? Your answer could help tweak your own products, services and referral rates.
  • Has an advertisement inspired you to purchase something? Why? Your answer could help sharpen your copywriting and graphic design.

You can work through this quick process dozens of times a day, keeping the answers in your head, or writing them down.

My own experience: Real examples in action

Example 1

This example was stored in my head from around eight years ago. I remember reading an article titled (something along the lines of) Your marketing sucks, here’s why. The word ‘sucks’ literally sucked me in. I was dying to read that article!

I asked myself why.

Well, because people want to know why something sucks, so they can fix it quickly.

That title surfaced from the depths of my brain years later when I was writing eBooks for my businesses.

For one business, the title of my mini eBook is, 3 reasons why your website sucks. For my other business, it’s 3 slogans that suck.

People happily sign up to my newsletters to receive these free eBooks. Had I not questioned the captivating nature of the article headline all those years ago, I may have chosen less compelling eBook titles.

Example 2

Last year I received an email from an animal charity asking me to donate to their anti-duck shooting campaign. I clicked on the link. From the first page to the last, I was drawn in. I didn’t think twice about donating money. I was so impressed that I didn’t just store the web conversion learnings in my head or in a notebook, I wrote a whole blog post about it!

Example 3

I wrote an article for Flying Solo, This 30 second daily habit will change your business life. At the time, the amazing Flying Solo editor, Kelly Exeter, wrote to me saying the article received a huge amount of page views shortly after being published.


Because the article covered one, quick, actionable tip to help boost sales. Given we’re all so busy, one, fast, effective solution is appealing.

I stored that information away, and voila, look at the title of this article!

‘Why?’ can lead to wow!

As you can see, the simple act of being aware of your everyday marketing decisions can drastically help to increase sales. So, what are you waiting for? Turn your ‘why’ into wow and watch your business boom.

What are your thoughts on this 10 second marketing habit to increase sales?