The 3 new Instagram features that will boost your business

- May 21, 2020 2 MIN READ

I’m a sucker for the sentimental. I’m also a huge pedicure fan. These two seemingly unrelated things came together recently when I saw the image (inset) on the door of my local nail salon. “We miss you” was all it read. “Awwww” I thought to myself, before conducting a quick once over of my toenails. Truer words have never been said.

While the local cafes are sort of resembling what they were, as we all mill around coffee waiting (spaced apart) for our orders, things are much less lively at the nail salon or toy shop that are so much a part of daily life.  The wait is long. 

Here’s hoping the lovely owners saw the note and that they are doing okay right now. It’s people like this who Facebook had in mind when creating these new features to make it easier  to purchase from your local favourites, like my nail salon, who’ve had to shut down.

They’re designed to give your business (or someone you love’s business) a little boost as we keep waiting. 


Here’s what’s currently on offer: 

1. Instagram gift cards and vouchers

Especially great for restaurants, cafes or your favourite local shop that hasn’t had an IRL customer for a while now. Purchase this card and help your favourite business make ends meet while the uncertainty continues. The ‘Gift Cards’ button can be added to your Instagram business’ profile and you’ll also find a new sticker on the Stories library and both features take you directly to the business website to complete the purchase.


2. Support Small Business Sticker

Found on your Instagram Stories feature. The sticker allows you to tag a small business in your post, which will cause your post to be added to a shared Story related to the company. There’s a great how-to on AdWeek.

3. ‘Donate’ and ‘order food’ sticker

Ideal for businesses who are stuck in limbo right now without any IRL customers. Click on the the ‘donate’ sticker and you’ll hit a Facebook personal fundraiser set up by the business.
The ‘Order food’ button takes you directly to a virtual counter of your favourite cafe or restaurant and allows you to order to your heart’s content. Apparently you can also add the stickers when you reshare a post from a business you love, too.


Have you used any of these features yet? Would love to know what you think and impact they’ve had… ([email protected])

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