The bar has been set for remote employers

- June 24, 2020 2 MIN READ

“We are a regional Accounting Business based in Tenterfield NSW. We employ a team of empathetic professionals who communicate well with their clients, their team and their community. Remote, Virtual and Working from Home is not something new to us, having operated with a mix of remote and office based staff for over 3 years. Our systems are well established as is our team, our clients acceptance and understanding of virtual working, and our culture.

Our business adopted the methodology in 2017 that in order to attract and retain great talent we needed to be able to recruit in other locations to reach those not wanting to relocate to Tenterfield. These days, and following Covid19, people everywhere are assessing their living choices and lifestyle, and making the change to country and rural living, above the over-populated and fast pace of our cities. Our business is ideally placed to employ a virtual accountant as well as someone looking to work in Tenterfield.”
 Sound too good to be true?
What about these for job perks?
  • Be a part of a fun loving, vibrant, passionate, innovative team
  • An extra day off a year, just because it is your birthday
  • 3 week close period each year at Christmas
  • Ability to work remotely/virtually or in Tenterfield – or a mixture of both
  • Great culture and team focus
  • Awesome Christmas parties (destination parties – usually resort style!)
  • Opportunities for further learning and advancement and study support
This company exists! And better yet, they’re hiring.
As remote work becomes commonplace, the expectation will be placed back on businesses to be creating working environments that are not only remote work friendly, but flexible and culture focused.
Quality of life is rating higher and higher on the lists of qualified professionals and if they aren’t already, talent will be selecting employers based on company culture, options for flexibility and remote readiness.
Businesses who don’t measure up will be quickly left behind, with the professionals needed to take the business to the next level finding fulfilling careers with those who put their talent first.
This post was written by Jo Palmer, founder of Pointer Remote Roles and is republished here with permission.