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The best way to start 2016 – don’t waste January

- December 15, 2015 2 MIN READ

It’s the end of the year, we are tired, a bit fried and well and truly in need of a break. I get it and I certainly feel that way myself. So when should we start to get the New Year underway and look for more work and new projects?

Many people have convinced themselves of the following:

No one is around in early January, so no point doing anything then.

Really, it is school holidays so everyone is off doing things with their kids or away.

Nothing happens till after the Australia Day holiday at the end of the month and after that people need a few weeks to get back into their business once everything gets back to normal, so … no need to do any business development until mid-February.

To me, this represents the loss of at least four solid weeks of business opportunity and a serious competitive advantage (no one else is out chasing the work). And if you consider the fact that most businesses start to wind down mid-December, that is two months without any businesses development and in many cases, little to no income.

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I do most of my business development and planning January and I’ve had amazing results for over 10 years. There are three compelling reasons to take this approach:

Firstly the people I deal with are fresh and starting to do their own planning for the year ahead (they are most certainly not all on holidays or recovering from Australia Day). Over the past few years, I’ve really noticed that people are having shorter holidays, they are getting back to work sooner and they are diving back into business quickly.

Second, I’m the same. I’m feeling fresh after a Christmas break and ready for action which means I’m effective, creative and hungry for business. My energy is positive and that rubs off on those I’m doing business with.

And third, most of my competitors have convinced themselves that there is no business to be had at that time of year, so I walk in and pick it up whilst they are waiting till mid-February.

Now I understand this might not work for all businesses. But my main message here is to check in to see if you have convinced yourself that there is no business to be had when in fact there is a great opportunity sitting in front of you.

Sure, have a break. Make it a great break. Rest, recharge, keep away from the things that you need to keep away from, but don’t waste January (or half of February). Imagine what it would feel like to start 2016 with a pile of new work secured right at the beginning of the year? Imagine having great income coming one whilst many people are just starting to get their businesses going again.

Sounds pretty great to me!