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The easy-entrepreneur boom

- February 6, 2012 2 MIN READ

It’s a wonderful thing that we live in a time where the lure of the entrepreneur is at such a high. But is ease of access coming at the cost of creating businesses with staying power?

Cropping up all around our cities are fashionable and funky incubators and co-working spaces where shiny Macbooks whirr alongside takeaway lattes, smartphones and single speed bicycles.

Sadly though, recent ABS stats suggest that while there’s an increase in new business registrations, there’s also a spike in closures.

For anyone who’s been flying solo for more than a couple of years – and we know the majority of you have – you don’t need me to tell you that it takes much more than a spunky WordPress site and a crowdsourced logo to create a business that puts food on the table week after week.

I’m concerned that what looks like an easy-entry into the world of working for yourself is actually setting up a lot of our new found entrepreneurs for failure.

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What’s going to happen when the App doesn’t rock the world, when the trending on Twitter runs out of steam and the fandom on Facebook grinds to a halt? My guess is a couple more stabs at catching the wave, a bit more pressure on the credit card and a sheepish look through the job ads.

But does this mean entrepreneurs shouldn’t give it a red hot go? Of course not. Passion is what got me started all those years ago and it’s a flame that burns strongly to this day.

I am worried, though, that this trend is a version of the property investment boom where the dream being peddled is ‘build it fast, sell it for a motza’.

To those who pull it off, fantastic, congratulations. To the greater majority who don’t, please don’t give up on the idea of flying solo. Instead take your time and develop something that will last. I know of around 43,812 individuals who are willing to chip in and help.

What say you? Share your wisdom below.

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