The greater good, burnout and work in a small rural town

- October 12, 2017 2 MIN READ

This week’s must-read

One of the attractions of soloism is we get to create our own work systems which boosts our sense of ownership and overall work/life satisfaction.

Yet for all the obvious positives of looking inward, soloists should also look to the outside world and seek out ways to contribute to the greater good.

This notion is explored by Matthew White this week:

“As business owners… in our community we have the platform to educate and raise awareness of issues that perhaps other are less educated in…In the past, it was enough for companies to communicate what they stand for. Today I think they must also communicate what they stand up for.”

Soloist Life

“Running a business in a small town is challenging; the retail climate here is very difficult, and most startups don’t survive the first year…There are not many clients, resources, suppliers or support… so the ones I do have, I treat like my family.”

So says Premium member Bronwyn Lawson on soloist life in rural Western Australia.

From the forums

Imagine you started your business again,; what would you do differently? “Study the competition more thoroughly…” says forumite @letsgetdowntobusiness. “I had a rough idea of what others were doing, but I was too headstrong and thought I could do better. Take the time to study a bit longer what you’re up against!”

In case you missed it…

Tired of giving “freebies”? Tammy Tansley has some great advice: “When someone asks – set the boundaries up front by saying “if it’s really a five/ten minute chat, then I would be happy to talk, but if it is more complicated, then here’s how you can book a session with me.”

New and renewing members…

This week’s new members are ChilliBOM, Niki Christo, Cate Kemp, Spindle Consulting and Terry Roberson while MiniJumbuk and Fresh Promotional Products are renewing for another year. It’s lovely to have you as part of the community.

Spotlight: Alexandra André

Regular marathon training helps Marketing Coach Alexandra  André reset – boosting her productivity. She applies the same dedication to helping clients reach their full potential.  “I specialise in businesses with a passion for what they do, yet falling short of where they could be. I help paint their picture of success and bring it to life!”


Creativity is just one element of a successful fashion business in a super-popular industry. Identify any knowledge gaps at the start-up phase, says Elizabeth Formosa, who’s online mentoring course focuses on exactly that. She shares all the details with Robert in this week’s episode of the Flying Solo podcast.

Productivity Tip

When contributor Julie Numanoglu started suffering from burnout, she benefited from time with business owners outside her industry: “Talking through shared challenges made me feel as though I was not on my own… And networking brought in some additional business as well.”

Got a business mistake in retrospect has helped you grow? Share in the comments.