The importance of business development days

- March 15, 2009 < 1 MIN READ

Just imagine one day a week devoted to growing your business. A business development day devoid of the usual interruptions and distractions. I’ve done it. It works and here’s how.

For the past eight weeks, I’ve been using Wednesdays as dedicated business development days and I’m definitely reaping the rewards.

In our solo businesses it’s too easy to fill our days flitting from one thing to the next or burying ourselves completely in client work.

This was certainly the case for me, so I made a change.

Because I have my fingers in differing pies, ‘business development’ involves a variety of actions. These vary from forging alliances to support the growth of Flying Solo, attracting individuals to my coaching practice or making sure I maintain a steady flow of speaking engagements.

The point is each requires focus and squeezing in the odd hour here and there just doesn’t cut it.

When I initially decided to block out an entire day to this one priority, I worried that I’d run out of actions by midday. Boy was I wrong.

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Instead what’s happened is that I’m constantly noticing business development opportunities and can’t stop creating new ideas and initiatives. My Wednesdays are focused, full and extremely satisfying.

What’s more, I see the process of business development with greater clarity than ever before, purely because of the amount of time I give it.

On Wednesdays I am Business Development Manager and I love it. My boss is really cool too.

So will you join me and devote some uninterrupted time in your week to business development? Make a commitment to a business development day or hit me with any questions.

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