The joys of uncertainty

- January 3, 2011 2 MIN READ

Like a number of other businesses, Flying Solo operates in a sector that is evolving at high speed. It can be hard to plan for the year ahead when the future refuses to give up its secrets. But that’s half the fun.

For those of who caught futurist Craig Rispin’s awesome presentation at last September’s Flying Solo LIVE! you’ll have an idea of what’s around the corner and better still some tips regarding how to work out how things may effect your little corner of the planet.

But with all respects to Craig and others like him, does anyone really know what’s coming? I think not. The iPad may have replaced the crystal ball, but it’s still a journey to the unknown.

in 2010, Flying Solo invested in education and research, employed external consultants and stalked gurus and bloggers around the globe.

And what we learned is that while many people have opinions and thoughts about the future (many of them very helpful to us), no-one knows our business better than us.

And therein lies the joy of independence. When Andrew Mason of Groupon reportedly turned down a $6 billion buyout offer from Google, I’d like to think it’s because he relishes a journey that’s more attractive than money.

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Loving your work comes from so much more than money. For 2011, the team at FSHQ are putting a renewed focus on fun and health and we don’t need anyone to tell us it will be good for business. We know it will.

As we hurtle into a new year, let’s not get too anxious about uncertainty. Instead we should focus on doing what we do best and make a commitment to constantly improve along the way.

We know roughly where Flying Solo is heading, but if there’s a nice windy road along the coast, we’ll always tend to favour that over the freeway.

What say you? How do you view the year ahead? What excites you and what concerns you? Share all online.

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