Business psychology

The Me Myth

- October 15, 2009 < 1 MIN READ

Andrew is an entrepreneur with a real passion for small business. From humble beginnings as an orphan growing up in Western Australia, Andrew has owned and operated a number of very successful small businesses, starting his first enterprise at age 7, a newspaper round in the red light area of Perth. He later went on to sell encyclopaedias door to door before becoming a prolific writer some years later.

Here he tells a little about his new book, The Me Myth. The underlying principle of the book is that to truly grow, we need to stop thinking that the world revolves around us, stop being self-centred and self-focused and look outwards to find the greatest lessons in life that will lead to satisfaction, joy and happiness.

You can download Andrew’s Flying Solo LIVE! presentation here.

Video produced with our friends at BNET Australia.