The soloist’s flight plan

- May 7, 2010 2 MIN READ

Will your version of flying solo involve soaring above the clouds or spinning out of control and coming back down to earth with a thud? A good flight plan could make all the difference.

I meet plenty of soloists. Some fly solo to get away from a bad or frustrating situation. Others feel they have no choice, or decide to jet off on their own simply because they fancy it. Some have come into money from somewhere else and no longer ‘need’ to work.

Of the soloists I’ve met like this, many haven’t had a clear idea of where they’re going. Some haven’t even seemed that bothered about the purpose of their flight.

Many have had a very bumpy flight. Some have nose-dived.

The soloists I meet who are flying high (or even looping-the-loop or victory rolling) tend to have started out differently. They chose a different sort of flight – one with an important purpose.

These are the soloists who’ve spotted a group of people with a particular need. They feel compelled to help and they know they’ve got the skills, passion and experience for the job. They also know the personal rewards they’ll gain in return.

But these are no impetuous caped crusaders heading for the skies at the drop of a hat. No, these super-soloists have made a point of planning their flight thoroughly. They plot their course, check for turbulence, undertake regular safety checks and keep a close eye on their dashboards. Above all, they know their destinations.

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Whether your business is still on the tarmac or already in the air, take some time to review your flight plan.

  • Where are you flying to, and why?
  • What will you do when you get there?
  • How are the flying conditions?
  • Do you know what you’ll do in an emergency?
  • How can you improve your fuel efficiency?
  • What would make your flight more enjoyable?

Flying solo is more fun and more meaningful when you plan your trip carefully, charting a course that makes a real difference to people you care about.

 Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a super-soloist! How’s your mission going? Please submit a status report below.