Problem solving

The solution to small business challenges

- June 8, 2008 < 1 MIN READ

One of the questions we set our 1,770 respondents in our 2008 Understanding Micro Business survey, had to do with the three biggest small business challenges we are faced with. Here’s what we discovered, along with my solution.

The number one small business challenge in the last 12 months was ‘finding clients and customers’. In other words, the thorny old issue of business development and marketing.

At number two came ‘wearing too many hats’, narrowly beating ‘not enough hours in the day.’

Hmmm, who thinks numbers two and three are related? Yep, me too.

Now here’s the thing. If we had run the survey in March 2007 do you suppose anything would be different? I doubt it and what’s depressing is I suspect the same people would have the same major small business challenges. Ouch!

In my humble opinion, the biggest cause of the biggest challenge – any challenge – comes from a failure to dedicate time and focus to solving the problem.

Let me ask you this: If finding customers and clients is your biggest small business challenge, how is that reflected in your use of time this week? How many hours have you put aside this week to focus wholeheartedly on the issue?

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Too often, I fear we spend a bit of time here and there on things, but rarely enough dedicated time on the issues that really matter.

We can block out time in our diaries; we can put our phones on divert; we can ignore our email for a day; we can reach out to others for support.

This week if you do nothing else, I implore you to put your greatest challenge at the top of your list.

You can start by making a commitment here for the whole world to see.


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