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The Tantra of doing business

- June 9, 2014 2 MIN READ

Our editor said, “Katie, ever since you told me you were a Tantric facilitator, I’ve wondered how Tantra can help in business.” The answers are in this article.

Yes, I’m a Tantric facilitator.

It’s true that in the past 12 months I trained as a Tantric facilitator. And yes, I am applying what I’ve learned to all aspects of my life including business. Most people associate Tantra with sex. Yet they don’t realise it’s about so much more than that.

So here are three pointers on the Tantra of doing business.

Unfold yourself and breathe

Unless you’re a Yogi in a cave in India who gets away with breathing once a day, you’re probably not breathing enough or properly.

When you peddle up a hill on a bike, your deep breathing will get you to the top. Allow breath to help you up the business hills too.

We restrict breathing through sitting at keyboards. We hold our breath when we think too much or feel stressed. Stand up, move around and breathe in until you feel and see the air expanding through your chest and abdomen. No need to force it, just take a few minutes until it happens.

You might even find your afternoon energy flag is the result of not breathing properly all day. Life is healthier and more fun when you let yourself breath.

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Find a tribe

We’re Flying Solo, right? As much as we love the independence of working for ourselves, working alone has lots of downsides. Find like-minded people to share your business life with. Make sure you gather with your tribe to celebrate wins and console each other when needed. You need a tribe, and let’s face it, a bunch of people need you.

If you want to make or find a tribe, you shouldn’t have to look too far. They might be geographically close (like a Flying Solo meet up) or business owners in allied industries. If it becomes hard, you’re looking in the wrong place.

Practicing a Tantric lifestyle alone is possible (just ask the Yogi in the cave), but having a Tribe matters in Tantra, because we want to connect, grow and learn in a community.

Better decision making

Business is made up of constant decision making followed by constant action. Ever notice that some decisions create a flow that is felt right through your business. Other decisions seem to create nothing but road blocks. How do you make better decisions and get more flow happening?

Tantra has taught me to check-in with myself in a new way before making important business decisions. The check-in involves getting head and heart out of the way so I can hear the voice that really matters, my gut.

If you want to check-in with yourself using your gut, just put one hand below your belly button and breathe in and out for a few minutes. Tune in and see what your gut instinct is trying to say.

Thinking from gut, strategising from head and acting from heart make a great combo for business.

Tantra takes practice

Tantra allows me to detect and move with energy and the flow of life around me. It takes practice and is a lot like body-surfing. Many of us know that energetic feeling of being inside a perfect wave. But not every wave is the right one. Sometimes I get dumped by waves I should have let through. Other times I pass on a beautiful one. A check-in gives my gut instinct a chance to be heard.

Speaking of which, I promised myself a swim after I finished this article. See you in the surf!

What are your thoughts on the Tantra of doing business?

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