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The truth and nothing but

- May 4, 2010 2 MIN READ

That kind of authenticity and courage is rare, attractive and compelling.

When someone stands in the truth of who they are and expresses their vision of the world from a place of integrity and value, it lifts those around them. This is powerful leadership. This is inspiration.

So now, the truth

For the past few years I’ve followed a few business mentors diligently. I’ve bought their products, copied their style, done what they do.

But sometimes I’ve felt uncomfortable with their strategies.

Like last year I attended an online marketing seminar in the US. The content delivered was fabulous, but some of the speakers spent 45 minutes of their allotted hour-and-a-half pitching a high-end product or service. It really bothered me: I’d paid a lot of money and travelled halfway around the world to be there and I felt ripped off!

But I buried that feeling, thinking to myself “That’s the way it is. That’s how these events work.”

And when I got back home I kept working at the marketing systems my gurus proposed, and ignoring the niggle deep down that something was just not quite right.

It’s no big wonder my sales were kind of struggling along rather than racing ahead!

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I should have listened to my gut

Months later, I’ve figured out what was bothering me about those speakers: their style sucked!

I don’t like being pitched at. I don’t like paying for an event only to land in a high-pressure sales situation. I don’t like formulaic teleclasses where I wait in dread for the offer that inevitably gets squeezed in there. I don’t like hype and I don’t like spin.

So why was I subjecting my own loyal and generous readers and clients to the same treatment?

  • I was too scared to be authentic.
  • I had a poverty mentality.
  • I was trying to follow a guru instead of taking a leadership position myself.
  • I was doing what I thought I ‘should’ do.

Well, let me assure you, the times they are a changin’!

I’ve made some promises to myself about the way I’ll be doing business from now on, and they feel like marriage vows!

I’ve renewed my commitment to living an authentic, genuine life based on honesty, integrity, adventure, faith and fun, and I want the same for my clients. Hey, I even want the same for all those folk who aren’t my clients!

So… no more sales pitches, no more trying to persuade you to like me or urging you to do business with me. I’m just going to be myself, and behave in a way that feels real. And you know what? It’s actually a relief. I feel more integrity, freedom and confidence already and I’m just getting started!

You have my permission to let me know if I’m missing the mark. But put yourself under the spotlight too! What might you gain if you became truly authentic?

Be brave and tell us. You’re worth it.