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There is no such thing as better

- October 13, 2014 2 MIN READ

A ‘better service’ can mean faster, cheaper, more convenient, more customised or more reliable. A ‘better product’ can be the cheapest, simplest, rarest, most popular, most expensive, most comprehensive or most eco-friendly.

As you can see, ‘better’ can mean the exact opposite for two different people, which is why it’s not the best word to use in relation to your business.

Better can be vague

Seth Godin says, “There is no more everyone. Instead, there are many pockets of someones.”

Each someone sees the world differently, and once you’ve dropped the notion that there is a universal ‘better’, you can take your thoughts in a more useful direction, and ask “Which pocket of someones am I a match for?”

There are people out there who value the same unique strengths that your small business is built on. Maybe you’re organic and local. Quick and cheap. Rare and exotic. Bespoke and expensive. It’s time for you to be honest with yourself about who you are targeting, rather than being the better choice for everyone.

To grab your ‘someone’s’ attention, you need to flag them down with descriptive and specific messages, whether it’s on your business website, business cards, a billboard or on the phone. When your market see what you stand for (or the unique thing you offer), a funny thing will happen – they’ll decide for themselves that you are better.

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Example 1

Nobody is “The better choice in real estate”.

What kind of real estate? Are you the cheapest? Which areas do you know best? Give me a clue – a reason to take notice! Rather than describing yourself as better, perhaps you “sell more units in Hamilton than any other agent” or you “leave your clients with an education as well as a sale”.

Example 2

Every time you claim to be “The best accountants in Brisbane” you’ve missed an opportunity to get a well-matched, like-minded customer nodding their head and choosing you. Instead, name your somebody. You might be “The accountant for Brisbane property owners”, or “For companies who need 24/7 access to their accountant”. Think of your best customers and why you started your business in the first place.

Better is the reason you have a chance

There’s no single definition for better. And that’s a good thing.

It’s the reason why everyone doesn’t fly with the same airline or wear the same type of running shoe. In fact, this lack of consensus is exactly what made it possible for you to start your own business.

What words would you use, other than ‘better’, to flag down your ideal clients?